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We currently have catalogs and/or Leaflets for

New Products
Sequin, Beaded, Rhinestone dress trimmings &
 Plastic - Back Rhinestone Bandings
Iron-on Embroidered Appliqués
Sequin Novelty Appliqués
Hot Fix Studs, Rhinestones and Appliqués
Acrylic Jewels and Rhinestones
Rhinestone and Novelty Jewelry
Nylon Lycra Fabrics
Beaded Fringe
Sale Items

Please review the list above, click on an underlined line item to view a catalog. 
To view merchandise not currently included in the catalogs, click on New Products.


To Place an Order - Call 1-800-899-6174

Be prepared to provide the following

your company name, business license number and phone number,
the name of the catalog,
the name and/or number of the item(s) you wish to order and
how many of an item you wish to purchase.


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